Like a Chinese horoscope, Mercedes GLC to his years and 2015 is under the sign of the SUV for the mark to the star. After the presentations of the GLA, GLE and GLE g from the German motorway to Off-road through the vineyards through the small winding roads of the Vosges was in total adequacy with the leitmotif of the car MERCEDES GLC “At her on all terrains”. So, what is it really?

After our recent test of the Mercedes GLE, it’s time for her little sister to come into our hands. Available now with 2 gasoline engines, GLC 250 and 350 hybrid and 2 diesel engines, GLC 220d and 250d we opted for the most powerful diesel, which, with 204hp, we see the most appropriate model.

We will move quickly on the interior, Mercedes GLC standards, elegant and sober without falling into austerity. In this level of range “fascination”, it is very difficult to find hard plastic and the whole breathes seriousness and quality. The central console imitation wood may not be to everyone’s taste, so it fits well in this resolutely premium interior. Small flat on the use of the multimedia system that is not especially intuitive and takes time to tame its use.

Once the driving position set, fully electrically (seat and steering wheel), is -easily- found we start our test by a good piece of German highway, at first smoothly, too accustomed to our highways as good as supervised. On this type of road, comfort is very good, between soft seats with good support, soft suspensions that reduce at least some roughness of the road and well-worked insulation. At a steady pace, the comfort remains the same, just a slight air noise at the mirrors, and a long journey even more than 180km / h is considered without problem.

Sinuous road:

Until then we drove in “comfort” mode (5 dynamic modes available) but on this type of road the car takes too much roll and the box is not always reactive enough. So, we go into “Sport” then “Sport +” mode. But passing on these modes is not synonymous with driving the knife between the teeth, in fact we advise you even for normal driving. Indeed, the
Mercedes GLC maintains a good level of comfort, and suspensions are absolutely not too hard, against the roll is found much more contained and, ultimately, it is more comfortable for passengers on this type of road. In dynamic driving, do not dream, the Mercedes GLC remains an SUV with a high center of gravity and a large suspension travel, so far, the car is on course, sometimes with the help of ESP certainly, but it is able to roll at sufficiently reprehensible speeds.

back view

The engine sometimes seems to miss a little fishing on this exercise, more due to the 9G-TRONIC gearbox, which, although more reactive in “Sport” mode, is not settled for that. A downshift with the pallets is often enough to overcome the problem.


Mercedes GLC offers an Off-Road pack (1500 €) to really get off the beaten track. In addition to the 5 dynamic driving modes, we benefit from 5 Off-road modes, playing on the aids as well as on the ride height (up to 50mm more). To highlight the crossing capabilities of its SUV brand to the star had concocted a small course of all terrain through the Vosges vineyards and we can say that they did not pretend. Combining, among other 70% slopes, uphill and downhill, rocky ground, bridge crossings or soft ground (sand).

The Mercedes GLC, via its off-road modes, does it all by itself. You can choose the speed (included between 2 and 18km / h) to which you want to descend a slope, via a commodo to the left of the steering wheel, and the car brakes alone … it is a very strange feeling to be on a slope important and not to operate the brake, we have never succeeded in a natural way, wanting to regularly set foot on the brake from a climb to a descent for example. The GLC is able to make big gains but also to pass variations of holes and bumps, putting one of the 4 tires at more than 1 meter from the ground. No, on the next picture the car is not in trouble, she passes!


All this is fine, it’s impressive and effective but not rewarding … but who would buy this Mercedes to make pure 4 * 4?

On the subject of consumption, with our very varied course (winding mountain road, city, highway etc.) and a more sustained pace than the current use that will be made, we come to around 8L, which is all about is satisfactory.

The new Mercedes GLC is indeed at home on all terrains, from the highway to the off-road, while still maintaining great comfort and knowing how to contain its consumption. There is no objective reproach to her, but for our part, we found that she does everything very well, but without passion. But is it not precisely what one asks of him, to do everything well without being too demonstrative? It remains moreover, more alive than its competitor direct the Audi Q5.


Rating: 15/20

Well seen:

Mercedes GLC

  • – Comfort
  • – General presentation
  • – Consumption
  • – At ease on the whole field
  • To review:
  • – Multimedia system not very intuitive
  • – Missing a little nothing