In the ford focus family, there are already 4 generations. And the latter is, according to the designers of the brand, “the best Focus of all time”. What’s more natural, would you say to me. The last is necessarily the best. On closer inspection, it is true that Ford has “put the dishes in the big.”

In addition to its latest generation engines, this new Ford Focus is available in a multitude of variants: the five-door, the station wagon, the sport line ST Line, the luxurious Vignale and the Active in the adventurer look. And as luck would have it, the latter, which has just arrived in concession, is proposed to us in the hinterland of Montpelier.

Ford Focus Active: the promises!

For its 4th generation FORD FOCUS, the American manufacturer has started from a blank sheet. He therefore offered him a brand-new platform, called C2. According to the engineers, it improves the ratio of gauge / habitability, aerodynamics and is able to offer a lot of driving aid gadgets that propel it into the world of level 2 semi-autonomous cars.

It seems that this chassis is a major asset in the design of the range. It gave the engineers the opportunity to turn our ford focus into a schizophrenic self.

Indeed, the compact is able to transform into an elegant sedan with an excellent level of comfort with the Vignale. An outstanding sportswoman with the ST-Line and a country adventurer thanks to its ground clearance raised by 3 cm and its specific driving modes, in our Active version.

Good, normally, which says rising body height, says “swinging” of cash and road holding in regression. But, ford focus tells us that “thanks to a specific adjustment of the chassis, the suspension and the direction, the elevation does not alter the recognized dynamic qualities of the FORD FOCUS “.

Rowland DE Ward, vice president of marketing for Ford Europe even adds that: “This new ford focus Active does not only look like an SUV, it offers a specific chassis and its new modes of driving are particularly aimed at families who want to think outside the box “.

Ford Focus Active: on the road

Before leaving to play on unmarked fields, I have to walk the macadam of our roads, well-guarded by the valiant eyes of our marshal. And it is in this case that we appreciate the driving aids that keep us well behind the wheel.

So, in order not to make any difference with the legislation, I activate the lane maintenance assistance, the adaptive cruise control which prevents me from having the right foot too heavy, the recognition of the road signs in case and the head-up display to not look too much at my feet. I let myself be carried by this ford focus which, on departmental, makes me feel his abilities to comfort.

The raised suspensions pleasantly reduce the asperities left on the road. As my speed remains in the nails, this comfort is not at the expense of maintaining the box.

My engine is the big diesel with 4 cylinders of 2 liters. He is stuffed with air by a turbocharger and takes advantage of direct injection to reduce his appetite. His 150 cannons are very flexible and revive in no time. No need to play with him from the 6-speed manual gearbox, his truck torque pushes hard even in the depths of the range of use.

Casually, it’s good to take the wheel of a sedan powered by a good turbo diesel. Consumption know how to stay very small with the right foot light since I managed on the first 97 kilometers of my trip to consume only 5.2 liters.

Ford Focus Active: for fun!

The thing will spoil with the second stage of my journey. Here, the on-board computer will announce 8.2 liters of average. At the same time, the smooth and straight roads have given way to the beautiful swirling mountain route.

This is the ideal opportunity to use the “Sport” mode. The car becomes more reactive and feedback is more incisive. Virol’s are linked and this Focus incredibly cash zings and sags. The supports take a slight roll, but as soon as I place it, it decides not to move in its path. The front train lengthens, for lack of an ambition exacerbated? No problem, just a foot lift to lighten the rear train and rotate it forward.

It’s simple and predictable. It will be necessary however that I force myself on the mushroom after 17 minutes of attacks. The brakes are overheating.

Focus Active: finally, the Grail!

The macadam leaves its place to the clay and multiple rocks visibly full of iron. This red hue fits perfectly to this FORD FOCUS Active orange, just like the way that will not ask me to try it at the crossing. She is unable to do so with her only front-wheel drive. However, its ground clearance of 16.3 cm will allow me to keep its bases intact.

I take this opportunity to practice skiing in WRC mode. For this, it is necessary to put full throttle in the bend to come out of it in slight counter-steering. The slides are linked and cause the little grin uncontrolled my dear photographer, Julian. That’s to say!

The “Trail” and “Slippery Terrain” modes are there to handle extreme cases. They act on traction control to maximize the traction of the front axle and M + S tires. One thing to try next time.

Ford Focus Active: halfway!

The question that should come to mind: “Why afford this compact sedan in crossover mode, while the SUV are found in all ranges of manufacturers? I have several answers to that! “.

The first is that the pleasure of driving a sedan is still out of proportion to the SUV, much heavier, clumsier, greedier and more expensive. Because this is the second point of this ford focus active.

Ford places it in its range at the same price as its ST-Line versions, i.e at a price starting at 25 400 € for the small petrol engine 1.0 Eco Boost 125 and 30 300 € for the version 2.0 Eco Blue 150 horses coupled with the new automatic transmission to 8 reports. A fee schedule that places this Focus at, at least, € 5,000 below its competing compact SUVs.

Let’s not forget that this machine is content on average with 2 to 5 grams of CO2 more than the sedan. What to avoid penalties and other taxation in the near future.