The BMW X5 M50D Panzer is renewed! This rolling object, which can be proud of having initiated the fashion of SUV passes, in its 4th generation. After more than 2.2 million units sold worldwide, replacing this BMW X5 M50D and making it even better is obviously not easy. And yet, the Bavarian engineers have done wonders again. We invite you to go aboard with us in the surroundings of Marrakesh.


A BMW X5 that is waiting …

I do not know why, but at the end of the year, the manufacturers have decided to send us on the rough roads of Morocco to try their new models. So before taking the wheel of this awesome creature, I immerse myself in the information of the press release, to have the contours of what is hidden under this new BMW X5.

BMW X5, more and more imposing …

The BMW X5 M50D is a bit of the star of the BMW range. Its genetic heritage testifies to this. It borrows neither more nor less the platform CLaR of the limousine, the BMW Series 7. There is worse as DNA base! Moreover, thanks to this one, he gains centimeters everywhere with his ancestor.

Its imposing silhouette extends on 4.92 meters length (+ 36 mm), 2 meters width (+ 66 mm) and culminates from now on to a height of one meter seventy-five (+ 19 mm). Obviously this change of size is not fortuitous. This new X5 offers a wheelbase (distance between the front and rear wheels) of 2.97 meters or a gain of 42 millimeters to distribute in the passenger compartment.

Passing through the options box, it can be equipped with a third row of seats to carry 7 people. Thus equipped, the Test BMW X5 M50D automatically wins a second electrically sliding row. The luggage compartment is not left with a capacity ranging between 645 liters and 1,860 liters with the rear seats folded. Its loading is simplified by a two-part electric tailgate opening. For information, the low shelf supports loads of 250 kg.

How can I say a word about his style? Never before had a BMW X5 M50D been so impressive in style. Finished, the finesse of the lines. Here, the X5 intends to impress the onlookers. To do this, the grille emerges from the place in height and width. So much so that the two characteristic beans are now touching. The optics, flanked in the upper corners, seem to imitate the eyes of a feline by their finesse. The stern pulls several horizontal lines. This reinforces the impression of width that did not really need it in view of its size.

BMW X5, more and more modern

By flipping through the innumerable pages on this explanatory folder of the new X5, we can see that the large SUV has made a raid in the catalog of new fashionable gadgets.

It all starts with digital screens. There are 2 and each measures 12.3 inches diagonally. If the first is behind the wheel, and can change at the discretion of the driver, the second driver infotainment system. Here, we control the navigation, the sound system, the WiFi hotspot, connected applications that allow (among others) to receive traffic info or a concierge. Like Series 7 and Series 5, it is controlled via the multitude of buttons placed on the dashboard or by gestures. It’s a lot of fun, especially for big kids “who can play it”.

Modernity goes from assistance to driving. This new BMW X5 M50D hits hard with sensors and cameras hiding all along its bodywork. Like the eye of Moscow, nothing escapes him. So much so that it is able to drive almost alone on the road with its adaptive cruise control coupled with maintenance in the tracks. A traffic jam, no problem, the BMW X5 M50D will manage its own distances with the car in front.

If in practice it is practical, it must be said that these systems are generalized in all new models. Even within the ranges of general manufacturers. So you can imagine that BMW could not be satisfied with that. That’s why engineers offer us a collision avoidance system, a perpendicular traffic warning in front of and behind the car, and an emergency brake assist for the driver when the driver does not feel comfortable. well. It’s not over, if the BMW X5 M50D is left alone, that is to say that the driver does not even manage the accelerator, the engineers launch world premiere Park Assist Plus which records the movements of the steering wheel for recreate them in reverse. A system that should – when it will be updated, because on my tests it was unreliable – avoid the problematic steps back in the cramped car parks.

A BMW X5 M50d to start!

The range of engines for its launch is limited to four proposals. Or at least three, because the X5 xDrive 50i equipped with its sumptuous 4.4 liter V8 with 462 equines, will not put its wheels home. It is for the moment reserved for the less severe markets issue big engines, such as the USA and Asia.

To console us, it still remains in essence the X5 xDrive 40i. It consists of a six-cylinder in line coupled with a double turbocharger. This engine, well known BMistes, sends no less than 340 horses and 450 Nm of torque on all 4 wheels. His numbers are rather nice, since he ships the 0 to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds. Well … such an object cannot be satisfied with a ration of camel water. If the standard consumption is 8.7 liters, it is a safe bet that in real conditions of running, the average should rise to more than 12 liters. It is necessary to move them 2,135 kg. For the more assiduous, consumer and especially tax, BMW will offer in 2019 its ultimate weapon: a BMW X5 rechargeable hybrid. For an estimated price of € 90,000, the X5 xDrive 45e performance will give no less than 394 canassons for 49 grams of CO2.

Let’s go back to today. On the other side of the range, the bad diesels (according to the convenience of the moment) are always in the game. The X5 xDrive30d, which is the most reasonable offer of the moment, is content with 265 horsepower and 620 Nm of torque from its six-cylinder 3-liter. Question numbers, it only takes 6.5 seconds to reach 100 km / h. And all this for “only” 158 g of CO2.

But the problem is that with Stephen, BMW offered to take the key to his “blue beast”.

Our BMW X5 M50d

This Panzer hides under its hood a six-cylinder in-line stuffed with air by four turbochargers. If he only cubed 3 liters of engine capacity, he added a wild horde of 400 thoroughbreds and 760 Nm of torque drinking only fuel oil. The cavalry goes through an 8-speed sport automatic transmission to reach the 4-wheel drive. In this Motorsport finish, engineers attach standard adaptive damping, active anti-roll bars, 4-wheel steering and a rear axle with self-locking differential.

Thus trimmed, the diesel takes back its nobility of yesteryear with a 0 to 100 km / h in 5.2 seconds and a standard consumption of 6.8 liters per 100 km. What to limit its CO2 emissions to 175 grams and thus the punishment of 10 500 € ecological mauls.

BMW X5: sports, not a franchiser!

Once installed at the wheel, the luxury and the refinement of the finish are obvious to you. The materials are of great finesse and impeccable adjustments. The elevated driving position, the long hood, the width of the machine … Everything contributes to the feeling of power. Stylish little treat, our BMW X5 M50D is even equipped with the panoramic sunroof “SKY VIEW”, which floods the interior light, and glass applications “Crafted Clarity”.

Once en route, not easy to sneak with this mastodon. However, its 6-cylinder works wonders with its 8-speed automatic transmission. He knows how to be very gentle, even going to be forgotten, to turn into ringworm at the slightest pressure of the right foot. The raises are spectacular from the depths of the tachometer to more than 4,500 rpm. With its xDrive all-wheel drive system, this X5 obviously has no problems with traction. He plays with conditions and likes even turns! This is rather unusual for an SUV … especially as it weighs 2,350 kg.

In the “Sport Plus” position, the car in “S” mode, this X5 controls its body movements to perfection. It is placed gently braking, accelerates in the middle of it by landing a chouia and wraps like no one around virolos. The turns are linked and the methodology is perfected. The more you accelerate in the turn and the more the outer wheels take grip. We remain stunned by his agility!

Obviously, this behavior of big road is paid by a comfort … of brute. The performance is difficult to reconcile with the delicacy of the kidneys. That said, the Bavarian firm may have found the solution with air suspensions. I say maybe, because impossible to get hold of a version that is equipped.

Well, we are in Morocco, in the region of Marrakech, so for the pleasure of your eyes, we went out of the right path. Or rather the way, taking the direction powder: the scenery tracks of the desert of Agafay.

Here, the landscapes follow each other and are not alike. From the arid land, we pass to an oasis of greenery in a few hundred meters. But all this will be done with great caution. No way to make a real climb with the
BMW X5 M50D . Its ride height and 4-wheel drive can “troubleshoot”, but this X5 is designed for the road and not for the all terrain! However, BMW finally offers an Off Road pack. This combines traction management via electronics, reinforcements in the under body, a rear differential lock and above all air suspensions capable, in extreme cases, of lifting the machine by 7 cm.

Well seen:

– Sporty and elegant style

– Flawless finish

– The couple: engine & box

– Dynamic performance

To review:

– The comfort too firm

– Prices and options

– He does not really like mud

– A shoot-to-crime!


BMW X5 M50d: the devil in the body?

This new BMW X5 M50d is a statutory engine, a dynamic success that will give a lot of pleasure to its driver. Aggressive and available, the engine with its 4 turbos is not lacking refinement. He forgets even the boorish slap of his predecessors for an artificial vocalization. Yes, BMW has chosen to use speakers to blackmail their SUV.

That said, it is full of multimedia equipment to pamper its passengers and it is not its living space or its finish that will disgust you to board. No … I guarantee you that it is the attitude of the pilot that will unleash your anger, because just like us, it will be impossible for him to maintain his control. A little devil will arrive naturally on his shoulder and force him to push the gases.

Knowing this you will understand that my average of 17 liters per 100 km is not representative to establish your fuel budget. By cons, it is certain that BMW will ask you a minimum of 100 350 € to take the keys. FYI, our badder version of options raises its price to more than 120 000 €.