Like many of us, since small, I tell myself that later I will live in Theory. Because everything is always perfect there, everything is always going well. I have not yet realized my dream, like you, I guess, but I was lucky enough to make a trip there. How to do? Where to go? I give you here my recipe: you have to drive a few days in BMW 750d Drive!

I take possession of a BMW 750d x Drive azurite equipped with the M Sport finish, bringing it more dynamism and aggressiveness with its specific front and rear shields as well as its 20-inch wheels with a very sporty style. The car is overall well designed, not giving the impression of measuring 5.10 m by 1.90 m wide, however many details grieve me.

The first is this resemblance more and more accentuated between all the models of the mark, so much so that I must check on the monogram that it is indeed a Series 7. If the back I like it with this chrome band that visually widens that part or the shield including the exhaust cannulas that goes down well, the front I like a little less.

Decidedly, these headlights that are in contact with the grille leave me skeptical, not to mention these chrome dressing fogs whose appearance is neither flattering nor luxurious. It is the same for the inserts found on the lower flanks, they are dispensable. The surroundings of this country are probably imperfect in order to make a smooth transition, let’s see.

Visit to the Inner Theory

The interior offers an opulence of luxury, space, comfort and delicate attentions that we enjoy without end. Let’s quickly move on the major flaw, a trunk volume of only 515 liters, less than on a … Fiat Tip 4 doors! Forgive me this comparison, it stops there elsewhere.

The front seats still have a difficulty, that of not finding his ideal driving position. The settings, electric obviously, are so many that it is impossible not to find: length of the seat, width, height, inclination, depth and height of the headrest … everything is there. As if that were not enough, the seats, trimmed in Nappa leather, are as beautiful as they are deliciously welcoming.

In the rear, the same applies to independent seats that can be adjusted either via the buttons located on the central armrest or via the tablet included in the latter. It also manages the air conditioning, music or the closures and openings of the blinds. The rear space is worthy of the category with a consistent place, both head and legs, and comfort to say the least, especially thanks to these small cushions so pleasant on the headrests.

The BMW 750d on the road

The fact sheet gives the spin, under the hood we find the most powerful 6-cylinder diesel in the world, nothing less. It cubes 3.0 liters of engine capacity and develops 400 hp at 4,000 rpm and 760 Nm at 2,000 rpm. Where BMW is a tour of force, it is about the turbocharging, since we find no less than 4 turbos, two small variable geometry and low pressure that work at low speeds together with one of the big turbo at high pressure. The latter, also at high pressure, comes into operation from 2500 rpm. Currently, only the Audi Q5 and 4.2-liter V8 435 hp surpasses the power.

This design erases the typical response time of turbocharged engines, delivering phenomenal torque over the entire operating range. From 1000 rpm I can count on 450 Nm and a powerful thrust, continuous and without the slightest fault up to 5,500 rpm. Remarkable for a diesel!

In use, the flexibility of this engine is a treat perfectly suited to the limousine, allowing you to ride smoothly, in calm and silence. Because yes, this engine is relatively quiet and knows how to be discreet even during acceleration phases. Let’s talk about it, accelerations. They are first class with e.g. 0 to 100 km / h covered in just 4.6 seconds. Better still, its times are what it is most effective on a diesel limousine, the figures speak for themselves: the 80 to 120 km / h is covered in just 2.8 seconds, enough to consider overtaking in the greatest serenity.

The handling is the image of this flagship, fantastic. Despite generous dimensions and a weight of two tones, the BMW 750d x Drive can do it all. On the road, in eco-pro mode, she shows incomparable comfort, swallowing the roughness of the road and other speed bumps, negotiating flat corners in an Olympian calm. However, the city and winding roads do not worry; sure that it is four wheel drives. Thus, it offers almost the agility of a city dweller in urban areas, a city dweller almost 2 meters wide of course. On winding roads, for example during my crossing of the Voyages, the Series 7 remains impassive even if the pace accelerates. It is not a sports car and has no pretensions, yet it is able to hold an indecent pace, especially by selecting the Sport mode. In this case, the body movements are even more contained, the suspensions firmer – but still comfortable – and the engine more responsive. Changes of direction are just a formality, while maintaining the comfort of the passengers, of course.

If the average consumption is not necessarily a criterion of purchase for the customers of this limousine of 110 900 € except option, it is nonetheless surprising. After 1,200 km including mainly the road, a little city – where one can count about ten liters – and dynamic driving in the Vosges, I finish at 6.7 l / 100 km. A performance that remains highly interesting, especially in terms of autonomy for long-distance travel.

The BMW 750d xDrive is one, if not the best car I’ve ever had to try. It combines qualities at all levels, making you completely forget the shortcomings such as the chest a little small and some stylistic details (according to the tastes). The smoothness of the engine is matched only by its performance, all in impressive comfort and incredibly contained consumption. Finally, the most difficult choice with this limousine is whether you want to get behind the wheel, or behind everything.

Well seen:

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