Cut to face, without flinching, the urban areas of our big cities, the new small “? Q?” Audi will embark on the battle of compact crossovers this fall. But there was no question for us to let you wait another 3 months before knowing what in the belly TEST AUDI Q2. And after long negotiations, here we are at the wheel of one of the models of pre-production, on the side of Zurich.

Test Audi Q2

At first glance…

Well in line with the style of the brand, the TEST AUDI Q2 still stands out for its singularity via a new octagonal Single frame grille higher and wider than usual. The 4 rings which are essential in its center slightly cover the complex drawing of the grid. The rectangular LED optics are flanked in the corners, while in the lower part of the shield, huge air intakes reinforce the muscular nature of the machine.

side view

In profile, designers seem to have forgotten the existence of curves. The flanks are carved straight lines, the wheel arches widened and the roof line is plunging. Its short overhangs and 20-cm ground clearance, in addition to allowing it to easily navigate a path off the beaten path, guarantee easy sidewalk climbing. The driver will be able to navigate the urban jungle without fear of the slightest skirmish of bodywork.

If the range of colors offers the opportunity to customize your TEST AUDI Q2 as desired, the contrasting color on the C-pillars at the back gives it even more character. Obviously, a wide range of rims and finishes will be at the rendezvous.

Audi back view

At the rear, the electric tailgate (available as an option) opens on a generous 405 liters of useful volume, but he knows how to increase his capacity to 1,050 liters with the bench folded.

In the cockpit, the Q2 does not offend his big sisters. Finish, if not reproachful, combines good plastics with an impeccable fit. The most impressive remains especially the technological armada embedded by this small test Audi Q2 . He draws plenty and shamelessly in the high-tech bank of the Audi Q5. We thus find the virtual cockpit (counters under screens), the head-up display, the driving assistant in traffic jams, the adaptive cruise control, the recognition of road signs, the anti-collision braking With pedestrian detection, the automated parking system … And then there is of course the multimedia system that offers online services, Wi-Fi access point, connection with Android or iOS Smartphone.


First contact, with the diesel.

Specifically with the 190-horsepower 2.0 TDI, automatic transmission and Quattro system. If the start is always heard and feel its vibrations, it will take a few hundred meters for this Test Audi Q2 to be forgotten. With its generous torque, this version of Test Audi Q2 perfectly swallows the steep slopes of the Swiss massifs. The covers prove to be straightforward and the automatic transmission is as smooth as it is fast. The chassis assisted by the active suspensions passes through desire, via a command, a good rigidity with a soft comfort.

Audi q2

The problem, as I speak to you, is that we have no idea of the price of the all-options car that we tried. At the time when these lines are written, we just know that the basic model (Q2 1.6 TDI) should register around 26 000 €. What to imagine a price between thirty-seven and forty and two thousand euros for this yellow chick … which would – if this confirms – a price per square meter worthy of the beautiful neighborhoods of Paris.