New Audi TT S 2018 Review

The Audi TT S is fast, refined and beautifully built, but can it match the Porsche 718 Cayman or BMW M240i Coupe?

Audi TT S

Almost 20 years to the day, Audi has launched the original Audi TT s at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The company refers to it as an emblem of the 20th century, automotive design; he was an icon of his time, and still makes heads turn today.

Over the past two decades,
Audi TT S has built more than 600,000 TTs. It still has tremendous success in the UK and around the world – four years after the third generation of cars hit showrooms, Audi has given a living environment of discounting.

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Predictably changes the light. Save the new Matrix LED headlights, twisted bumper and OLED taillights on the top-spec cars, the new
Audi TT S is visually identical to the old one. Unless you opt for one of the three new colors, that is.

Inside, updates are even harder to spot. There are new inlay options and a set of S-line Sport Super-seats, but that’s it. A new Audi TT S 20-year-old special edition has been launched, however, which adds Moccasin Brown leather trim. Prices in the UK and the specifications will be announced when the range is on sale in the fall.

back view

Moreover, the rapid decline of diesel in the coupe segment means there is no longer the option of a TT TDI. The range now includes a pair of TFSI species and the flagship (for now) TT S quattro. A five-cylinder 400bhp + TT RS will arrive next year.

Our first car came courtesy of the Audi TT S – though, with “just” 302bhp, it is not as powerful as it was before. This is due to a new emission limiting gasoline particulate filter. The torque is 20nm (now 400nm), however, which helps reduce the car from 0-mph in one-tenth of a second.

But the way the Audi TT S delivers its shove is pretty typical of a fast Audi. While he is undeniably fast, he never feels urgent. Power is transmitted to the apron via the venerable quarto’s all-wheel-drive system delivering extraordinary grip on all surfaces and in all conditions.

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It cannot match the outgoing Audi TT S RS for the phonetics of excitement, and it lacks the drama of a BMW M240i. A Porsche 718 Cayman is more rewarding, too, but despite the drop-in power, the Audi TT S turbocharged four-cylinder engine and dual-clutch automatic gearbox are as efficient as ever; This German coupe is incredibly easy to drive cars fast.

While there is not much to feel through the direction light, turn-on is strong. It is surprisingly agile car, in fact, and felt more than at home, on the elevation complex, hairpins and sweeping turns of the Isle of Man TT course. This is helped by the body control copy, but the ride is from the company, especially on our car, 20-inch wheels.


Of course, beside all this coolness, you always get a carefully designed and beautifully decked out cabin. While the Virtual Cockpit may not be for all tastes, it’s pretty intuitive to use from the driver’s seat. Just do not ask your passenger to change the radio station or sat-nav destination.

These digital dials are now available with a new Sport Display option. This is the standard on the Audi TT S, but an additional option on TFSI cars – allowing the driver to prioritize basic information such as power, torque and G-force. The centralized, tachometer, counter set-up is usually reserved for RS models, but works well here, too.

Anyone concerned with the practical aspect should not immediately cancel the Audi TT S. Adults will naturally be comfortable in the back, but there is a decent start with a large hatchback opening. There are a couple of lockers in the cabin and small door bins, too.

Audi TT S

The Audi TT S is a fast, refined and beautifully built premium coupe – although in the end, has no kind of character. It’s not as exciting as a Porsche Cayman 718 or a most rewarding experience a BMW M240i, instead sitting as a concentrated style and sports coupe compound. The Audi TT S is hard to blame, but it is hard to recommend at this price; For this reason, you can be better off with the cheapest 194bhp entry-level model.

Audi TT S

Model: Audi TT S

Price: £ 45,000 (hne)

Engine: 2.0-liter 4cyl turbo petrol

Power / Torque: 302bhp / 400 nm

Transmission: Seven-speed automatic transmission, four-wheel drive

Maximum speed: 155 mph

0-62mph: 4.5 seconds

Fuel and CO2 savings: 40mpg (eastern time), 165 g / km (hne)

On sale: Autumn