Mercedes_GLC review

After launching on the wave of SUVs cut with the GLE Coupe, Mercedes applies its formula to the GLC. More athletic in its definition, the Mercedes GLC Coupe inaugurates the new version GLC 350d, with a beefy block of 258 hp.

Seven years after the BMW X6, Mercedes replicates with the
Mercedes GLC Coupe claiming to have had the idea first without having dared to open this niche. After the X4, the star firm launches a new SUC (Sport Utility Coupe), the Mercedes GLC Coupe.

A Mercedes GLE Coupe discount:

Announced in watermark by the very expressive Concept Mercedes GLC Coupe exhibited in Shanghai in 2015, the eponymous SUV adopts a receding roof line, which it marries to the elevated waistline of the GLC. If the idea is particularly original, it leaves a feeling of already seen with the Mercedes GLE Coupe. The little brother is however thinner and more balanced with 37 mm less compared to the GLC, but the rear end remains very massive and considerably reduces the retro vision. Provide a financial extension for the cameras.


The interior does not disturb the regulars of the C-Class and its variants. The drawing is very pleasant to look at and the materials are proving to be of good quality. Longer than 76 mm, the coupe always knows how to receive: the three passengers will not have to bend their spine to enter and the middle one should be relatively comfortable, with air conditioning blowing between his legs. The trunk loses 50 liters in normal configuration and 100 liters when the seats are lowered, while the loading threshold is much higher. The volume from 500 to 1,400 liters is perfectly similar to that of the BMW X4.


Sport without the proper diet:

The common platform with the C-Class allows it to ship the Air Body Control chassis (2,300 euros). In its most comfortable mode of management since the Dynamic Select, the Mercedes GLC Coupe is very flexible, even too flexible: on certain portions of hilly highways, the four puddles crash under the 1,915 kg of the baby and the box is made to pitch the passengers. This behavior like a flying carpet disappears in curves, even if physics quickly regains the upper hand.

As with the Mercedes GLC, we cannot recommend too much to switch settings in Sport or Sport +. The Individual program is even perfectly suited for setting up a Mercedes GLC Coupe à la carte: the suspension / steering tandem placed in Sport + Sport + and the mechanical assembly in Eco or Comfort. This custom setting allows you to swallow kilometers with a 15 mm lowered body and better control its movements, without sacrificing comfort.

side view

The more athletic can opt for a Sport or Sport + total configuration. Useful when you’re in a hurry, but the boiler, the sound of agricultural outdoor, clearly does not lack torque even muzzled by the program Comfort: the V6 3.0 liters produces 258 hp at 3,400 rpm and 620 Nm of torque from 1,600 to 2,400 rpm. At 130 km / h on the 9th report of the excellent 9G-Tronic, the GLC 350d Coupe gurgles at 1500 rpm, the 80-120 km / h is shipped in just under 4.0 seconds in the 4th and 0-100 km / h is given for 6.2 seconds. The numbers are there, but the sensations are smoothed by the weight of the machine.


The price, it does not deflate:
Mercedes GLC Coupe ,

The Mercedes GLC Coupe gets into the sport with the Coupe, but his training program is not quite developed: if he pays attention to his line, despite some persistent curves, he does not lose weight especially. In its high-end 350d version, the SUC admits 1,915 kg on the scale! However, the Mercedes GLC Coupe is, like the BMW X4, an attractive styling proposition in a segment where lines are primarily functional.

Since its launch, the Mercedes GLC Coupe has taken some of its brother’s mechanics: the gasoline offer is limited to the GLC 250 (211 hp), while the diesel range includes the GLC 220d (170 hp) and 250d ( 204 hp). In any case, the Mercedes GLC Coupe claims an extension of 8 550 euros compared to the SUV. A tariff surcharge that struggles to pass. The declination 350d will arrive at the end of the year with a price that should greatly exceed 60,000 euros, while the 43 AMG version will take 75,000 euros.


Rating: 14/20

Well seen:

– Outside style

– Motor approval / box

– Dynamic behavior

To review:
Mercedes GLC Coupe

– Delusional weight

– Height of the loading threshold

– Tariff surcharge