It is in Portugal, on the Lisbon side, that the Japanese brand invited us to take the wheel of its new dynamic SUV. The latter, far from exuberance like a Civic Type R, plays the card of discrete sport and comfort preserved, combining performance quite correct to the practicality of Honda HR-V sport test successful SUV.


This Honda HR-V sport test and I could not have loved each other. It must be said that our first meeting is not the most romantic. Accompanied by my sidekick of the day, Daniel, it is in the dark and soulless car park of the airport of Lisbon that the first contact is made with this Honda HR-V Sport in the shade as happy as the basement, the Gray platinum metabolized specific to the Sport version.

We will have time to analyze the details of this version later, under the Portuguese sun, the time is not counted for this test. So, we put our stuff in the trunk of 448 liters, down 22 liters compared to standard models, practicality certain thanks to a very wide opening width of the tailgate (1.18 meters).


Honda has long been a practical solution to the daily hassle of mobility. The Honda HR-V is no exception to the rule and despite a loss of some decals in the trunk, the compact SUV is a life facilitator. Not content to dedicate a generous space to the front and rear passengers, the Nippon is equipped with the famous Magic Seat system that allows to choose various configurations of the rear seat according to the needs of the moment. We thus find the normal mode, welcoming passengers relatively well installed, the utility mode that releases a flat floor of 1.85 meters, or the height mode that goes back to the back of the seat base to leave a height of loading of 1.24 meters from the floor to the roof. Finally, by folding the front seat, it is possible to accommodate objects long up to 2.45 meters. Convenient.

This Sport finish adds the elegance of a saddlery combining a black fabric with a dark red leather that can be found on the dashboard, the armrest or the doors and the dashboard. It’s a nice effect, rather pleasant to the touch and the eye. What is not the case of the infotainment system displayed on the touch screen of 7 inches which seems to date, as well in its display as in its ergonomics, nevertheless it does all that one asks him and the GPS leads us where we want it … that is to say, by the sea to start.


… But the time to tell you about this interior, we took the road, exchanging the rough concrete walls and the pale neon signs against the coastal landscapes and a blue summer sky. The HR-V is immediately pleasant and gentle in its use. Inviting to travel by its comfort, we leave the urban areas quickly, erasing the rare donkey with ease and appreciating the effective direction that does not overplay by a consistency unnecessarily too firm.

back view

The duo that form the engine 1.5 VTEC turbo 182 hp and 6-speed manual gearbox does not prompt immediately Sport, no offense to the marketing department that gave it that name. Engineers strove to preserve the qualities of the compact SUV while adding dynamic qualities.

Let’s quickly go over the technologies specific to this version to focus on their effects flying in hand. We thus find a suspension with “Performance Damper” technology that avoids rolling and reduces torsion, Synaptic Damping Control (SDC) damping which adapts the damping force according to the conditions and finally an exclusive variable gear steering. complemented by the Agile Handling Assist.


… The Honda HR-V Sport is still very calm. It must be said that the landscapes as much as the weather encourage us rather stops relaxation and photos that the rouille way rally of Portugal. Which would make no sense since it’s the Corsican race this weekend. We then take advantage of optimal test conditions to test the off-road capabilities of this SUV and take a small path made of sand and pebble approaching closer to the sea.


While Daniel escapes capturing eternal ephemeral waves crashing on the rock, I finally take the time to detail my SUV of the day. I do not like SUVs and I think it’s no longer a secret and nobody manages to move me, let alone arouse the slightest excitement. Nevertheless, I must admit this quality of not wanting to do too much without playing the sickly shyness. He has his style, precise lines and affirmed that the finish Sport does not transfigure.

Here, sobriety is in order. An all-black dimple grille grille and a thin front air intake echo side skirts, wheel arch moldings and a more dynamic rear bumper. The set is complemented by black mirror hulls and a double exhaust, all based on 18-inch wheels equipped with high-side tires (225/50 R 18) explaining in part the comfort felt so far.


By dint of hanging out to enjoy a beautiful sunset far from our point of arrival, we are late. Promised, it was done on purpose to justify to my conscience the rhythm that I feel the need to print to my steed.

Under the hood, the 1.5-liter VTEC 4-cylinder engine develops 182 hp at 5,500 rpm and 240 Nm between 1,900 and 5,000 rpm. Features allow a top speed of 215 km / h and a 0 to 100 km / h in 7.8 seconds, all for a combined consumption of 6.7 liters per 100 km according to the WLTP standard. As far as you can tell right away, this express return will have made us unable to consume so little, but we finish the test at 9.7 liters average. Hon.


On the winding roads of the Lisbon region, the Honda will show unexpected qualities. The roll is well contained for the segment and the front train, very healthy, systematically responds to the driver’s request with a good liveliness without marking violent understeer. For its part, the engine marks a trough, noticeable but not disabling, under 1,800 rpm and is vigorous beyond. The recoveries are clear, the overtaking easy and only the sound of the engine in the higher regimes denotes in this table.


At 29 190 €, the Honda HR-V Sport is not given, but offers a compromise for the least interesting. Easy to live, flexible and practical, always comfortable, but knowing to be dynamic in case of need or envy. His direction is as accurate as the useful occasions, the few defects, such as the old-fashioned infotainment in his presentation, do not tarnish a successful picture.