An SUV is above all a vehicle capable of fulfilling several functions. The Audi Q5, which has been the sales leader of this segment in France for almost 8 years, knows it well. It must be habitable, functional, efficient on the road and robust enough to think outside the box. A technical exercise to which Ingolstadt’s engineers have answered again, with this second opus of Audi Q5.


It is in an out of time and space delineation, more exactly in a hilly and mineral universe that some people call “lunar” only animated by the passage occasional of a flock of goats … that the people of Audi welcomed us. Indeed, they had given us an appointment in Morocco to make the first test of the new Audi Q5 2017 version.

The same Audi Q5 better!

A fleet of new Audi Q5 is there, in the parking lot of the airport of Marrakesh, waiting for us. With Stephen, we throw ourselves on one of them who is wearing a beautiful immaculate white dress giving it a certain lightness.

Audi Q5

The aesthetic changes are deeper than it seems at first sight. The complete front panel is redesigned and benefits from a new wider and lower grille with a “3D effect”. This gives it a new and much more sporty presence. At the rear, the lights are also reviewed and the dynamic light signature is now part of the standard equipment. The hatchback door, although new and automatic, monkey like two drops of water the old generation. The profile retains its style but accentuates its fold of box while reinforcing the hollowed effect of its doors. This new Audi Q5 manages to refine its design, while it embodies a craft yet particularly massive, with its 4.66 m long, 1.89 m wide and 1.65 m high. You can even see, three quarters, a small side Q7.


Fortunately, these slightly increased dimensions are also reflected in the level of habitability. The occupants recover, here and there, a few millimeters for their legs and their shoulders. However, beware, the sunroof and panoramic a little trim on the roof guard rear passengers. However, only the greatest, like Etienne and his meter ninety-six, will notice … And the suitcases? They will be very well received by a 550-liter baggage compartment that is conveniently adjustable to 610 liters by sliding the bench. If this same seat is folded, the volume then climbs to 1,550 liters.

Despite its slightly higher measurements, the MLQ platform – which uses high-strength steel and aluminum en mass – makes it lose weight. Audi Q5 announces up to 90 kg of wins, depending on the version. Our model equipped with the 2.0 TDI 190 quatrain S tonic 7 boasts a loss of 45 kg. Thus trimmed our Audi Q5 achieves a 0 to 100 km / h in 7.9 seconds and is apparently able, on the Autobahn, to reach the speed of 218 km / h. Performance that will never be achieved on the roads and paths of our Moroccan test.

Unperturbed on … the road! Audi Q5

True to the reputation of Audi’s “quattro”, the Audi Q5 offers a very complete transmission and last generation. Our model receive as the latest version “quatrain ultra”. It has the distinction of being a “predictive” system. Kezako? This quatrain uses the various sensors – ABS, ESP, GPS mapping, steering wheel and pedal tension – to anticipate the needs of the vehicle. Thus, it triggers, only if necessary, the rear train. This avoids, in fact, an over consumption of fuel. And in fact, this new Audi Q5 is at home on the road. Quite precise and devoid of parasitic body movements, it puts the bends serenely and displays a good stability in all circumstances. Put the throttle back in the middle of the curve and the rear axle provides thrust that allows the machine to be placed on a good track and to avoid under steer. Its comfort is also one of its strengths, with the air suspension – optional – which masterfully filters the irregularities and maintains perfect control of the body. If soundproofing against wind noise is decent, the engine is heard charging and at high speeds …


However, any Audi Q5 quattro he is, this newcomer is not quite up to our expectations in terms of crossing. Certainly, with the famous “Drive Select”, you can change the performance of the all-wheel drive and the ride height to wade in a few inches of water or pass over some pebbles, but its relatively modest angles of attack do not of him a rival worthy of a Land Rover or a Jeep, for example. However, it is generally quite powerful enough to go all the way, which is already very brilliant for an SUV of this class.

Decidedly, what he prefers is a smooth tarmac. Especially since it is equipped, like the latest models of the Audi Q5 range, the technological armada that makes it a semi-autonomous vehicle. In addition to adaptive cruise control with driver assistance in traffic jams and lane departure warning, you can now choose automatic pedestrian emergency braking, a traffic sign recognition system and Parking assistance. All you need to roll up the kilometers and let yourself be lulled by the kilometers scrolling without effort.

Let’s talk big under!

Audi Q5 is offering its new Q5 at a base price of € 40,750. But it will be necessary to be satisfied with only the front wheels, the manual gearbox and the TDI 150. Four finishes, in addition to that of base, are proposed: Design, S Line, Luxury Design and Avus, at prices climbing up to at € 63,900 for the TFSI 252 Avus petrol horsepower. Alas, Audi does not seem to need to change its equipment policy, by presenting a large number of options at a generally dissuasive price … But when we like …


With this new Audi Q5, Audi reaffirms its leading position in this segment of prestigious models. Even newcomers – like the new Mercedes GLC, Jaguar F-Pace, Porsche Macan, Discovery Sport, Alfa Romeo Stevie and the future DS 7 Cross buck – will have a hard time stealing its No. 1 spot. everything that customers in this range expect. That is to say: the prestige of the logo, the impeccable finish, a connected life on board, state-of-the-art technologies, a classic but statutory line and good road behavior.

Its off-the-beaten-track services are certainly limited, albeit in broad progression, but the customers of this kind of vehicle will be content with a curb climb or a country lane. What he will do with mastery!

Well seen
Audi Q5;

– Dynamic services on the road

– A habitability very suitable for all

– Air suspension offering comfort and performance