When talking about cars, it’s always the same story: who has the biggest? I’m obviously talking about performances! And the SUV segment is no exception. So when German premium brands (BMW, Audi and Mercedes) enter this race, in the end, it is usually Porsche that makes the conclusion. Except that today, its spearhead, Macan, which accounts for more than 30% of sales, begins to reveal its wrinkles. To avoid the insult of being left behind, here is a welcome face lift.

New Porsche Macan: a stylish affair!

Released at the end of 2014, the PORSCHE MACAN is mid-life. In order not to be outdone by its competitors, the stylites had a small budget to carry out aesthetic touch-ups. This face lift offers new front and rear faces, as well as a revised layout and interior. Honestly, it will take the soul of an investigator to identify the differences! Aficionados will be delighted to learn that the front bumper loses its fog lights to provide more space for air scoops. Do not forget either the front and rear optics that go to the signature of the 4 bars. Stern, the bumper receives a black air extractor surrounded by exhaust cannulas.

No … what will be most noticeable in this new Porsche Macan is the arrival of new wheels and colors. Especially the elegant Mamba green and the blue Miami sparkling.

As a good high-end product, the cabin is well cared for, at least in my test versions that are the highlight of the catalog of options. The leather is ubiquitous, the dashboard receives inserts carbon fiber and aluminum contrasts with the ambient black. What’s really new about this Porsche Macan is its infotainment system. It is controlled via a new 10.9-inch touch screen and asked the technicians to get the aerators under it. Attention, if the screen controls a maximum of data, Porsche has preserved the palanquin of buttons on the central console and the ceiling lamp. I could count 72 on my model. Widely enough to be taken for an airline pilot aboard an Airbus A350.

The intelligent Porsche Macan!

Apart from these stylistic considerations, this new PORSCHE MACAN is capable of wonders. In a first place, via its radars, laser and cameras that scan the environment, this PORSCHE MACAN becomes a car that behaves almost alone. Indeed, its electronic assistance is concerned to keep the PORSCHE MACAN well in the middle of his way while the cruise control manages the distances with the other motorists. In a cork, Porsche even claims that the electronics handles everything up to 65 km / h.

The Risk Radar service, the navigation system processes “swarm” data. This data is collected and transmitted anonymously by equipped vehicles on the traffic situation and roads. Using vehicle sensors, they inform about the presence of fog, the risk of skidding and accidents.


Finally, the PORSCHE MACAN Connect application has evolved. It offers the driver easier and more complete smartphone access to the functions of his vehicle. The application is divided into three main parts: “Navigation”, My Vehicle for vehicle functions, and “My Account” for user-related services and settings. Here, for example, the driver can observe a three-way view of his vehicle to check if the doors, tailgate and windows are closed, or to lock or unlock his vehicle if necessary. It can also view information on range, oil level or maintenance. PORSCHE MACAN Connect also allows you to control monitoring and security functions.

Porsche Macan: the technical detour

Before starting the PORSCHE MACAN , take a look under the hood. At the launch of this new opus of the Macan, Porsche is satisfied with only two gasoline engines. The first news is the disappearance of the Turbo Diesel catalog. More really in the good graces of buyers.

To overcome the disappearance of this oil from the catalog, Porsche offers a 4-cylinder 2-liter coupled to a turbocharger and a 7-speed automatic gearbox. It delivers 245 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque from 1,600 rpm. The numbers are rather good with a top speed of 225 km / h and a 0 to 100 made in 6.7 seconds. With its 8.1 liters of standardized consumption, it emits 185 g / km.


Nice numbers, but far enough away from the idea of ??what you do with a Porsche Macan . Fortunately, the Porsche Macan is there. He trades his 4 legs for a V6 of 3 liters. Like his cousin, he uses direct injection, a turbo and a particle filter. The cavalry is much more imposing with 354 thoroughbreds for 480 Nm of torque at 1360 rpm. With this weapon, the Macan S explodes his little brother PORSCHE MACAN numbers issue. The TOP 100 is shipped in 5.3 seconds, while it can reach 254 km / h in top speed. No secret … the condo climbs to 8.9 liters and its CO2 emissions to 204 g / km.

Porsche Macan: 4 or 6 cylinders?

This is the question of this essay. Because we have before us two cars similar aesthetically speaking, but not at all the same in sensations.

At the start of the Porsche Macan, the 4-cylinder claps of joy. Highly worked, the voice of the 4-cylinder Volkswagen Group cannot claim the musicality of the 6-cylinder V of his sister flanked by the “S”. He is doing the show with a hoarse roar and fainting at the foot!

And needless to say, that if the 4-cylinder offers a good heart his cavalry as soon as the press the pedal right, the V6 wraps each raise a nice melodious sound that is accompanied by a hairy push that you plate on the seats. With the “Sport +” mode, the Porsche Macan reacts like a fury to the red zone, beyond 6,000 rpm. A real mechanical bead that goes with an automatic gearbox that quickly polls reports. It’s a pity, however, that Porsche has not worked its retrograde better. On several occasions, the SUV will decide not to engage them.

The new PORSCHE MACAN on the road!

On the behavioral side, the observation is identical whether Macan or Macan S. The SUV grips the macadam. It benefits from a precise front-wheel drive, its 4-wheel drive and its electronic differential to chain the curves with an impressive thirst.

Stuck on his voice, the Porsche Macan concedes nothing to the roadway. The SUV treats the Virol as it should be. That is to say with force and force to leave as soon as possible on the next. Its all-wheel drive impresses me by its efficiency by sending the torque on the outer wheels, to pivot on the axis of its wheels. In the mountains, it’s a treat!

Porsche Macan, everything is perfect?

You will understand, Porsche Macan is clearly sporty, and it is not with impunity a SUV of character without suffering the inconvenience. Casually, they are weight. First of all, its shock absorbers cut into the rock. Even with piloted suspensions, the Porsche Macan offers dry comfort. The suspension is difficult to cope with poorly paved roads. Despite proper soundproofing, the Porsche Macan is not the ideal weapon to fight for hundreds of miles in a row, especially since it has an ogre appetite. Count an average of 11 liters for the Macan and 14 liters for the Macan S.


The specifications of a Porsche Macan is respected. The engines are strong and the handling is worthy of a sports saloon. A technical feat, especially when you know that the platform is the same as that of the Audi Q5, much clumsier.

And even if the Porsche Macan requires a well-stocked bank account, because it is expensive: minimum 61 000 €, or very expensive with the necessary options (my trial model is sold at more than 85 000 €), it does not We must not forget that the automobile is a passionate subject. Driving in a Porsche, whatever SUV it is, is a privilege.

The power of the Macan S seems too much or rather not strong enough. Do not worry. If nothing is official, the leaders of Porsche made us understand that very quickly would arrive the new PORSCHE MACAN GTS and Macan Turbo.