Land Cruiser – Lord of all Roads History and Latest Models Information

Toyota Land Cruiser is a very well known four wheel drive vehicle made by Toyota. It has many lovers across the globe and most people love Cruiser due to its luxury exterior and comfort in driving. This car has longest running course of action and has been used in world wars.

In 1951, Toyota makes its first land cruiser in jeep shape. In early stages, Toyota made land cruiser in convertible structures. It was 3.4 Liter six fuel barrels. It has low support four wheel drive structure like the Jeep. In 1955, Second period was displayed. Company refreshed its bodywork and for better ride longer four plates was used from Toyota Light Trucks. It has 3.9 Liter six-barrel with fuel engine with three speed gearboxes. The internal parts of the vehicles were made more pleasant by moving the engine 120 mm forward.

In 1960, 20 Arrangement has been refreshed. FJ40 was given 93 KW, 3.9 Liter Fuel engine but Land Cruiser was given low range adjustment. In 1965, overall creation of vehicle reached to 50,000.  FJ40 was another vehicle of 93 KW, 3.9 Liter Fuel engine.

In 1968, 100,000 Land Cruisers was sold worldwide. In 1972 200,000 Land Cruisers was sold all over. In 1973, 300,000 Land Cruisers was sold. In 1975, 3.9 Liter fuel engine was supplanted, the more powerful Fuel unit was 4.2 Liter. FJ55 got front disc brakes. The Toyota Land Cruiser Affiliation was built up in California.

In 1978 first BJ/FJ40 and FJ55 models were sold in West Germany with both diesel and oil engines. In 1979, FJ40 was refreshed with new headlights and the diesel engine was pushed ahead. In 1984, North American market was restricted to Canada with BJ42 which had 5 speed transmissions.

Specifications and fundamentals of Land cruiser

Toyota land cruiser has amazing and powerful engine. Its height is 1945mm, width 1980mm and length 4990mm. it has eight barrels, belt driven and stream heads. It has 10 airbags, CD player. It has backward sitting arrangements, DVD structure, Bluetooth and rear view camera and ceasing sensors with HD radio. It has 4.6L V8 Petroleum engine with 18 mix wheels, four environment control circulating air and cooling with touch screen sound and rain identifying wipers. Its top speed is 145 KM for constantly its turning range is 5.9m. Its fuel tank was 93 liters. It has tubeless winding tires. It gives full security to customer. It has strong and delightful body that attracts social orders towards itself.

In USA, 10 out of 8.3 % people use Land Cruiser 

In 2016, Land Cruiser J200/V8 is available in every market except Canada, Hong Kong, North Korea and South Korea.

Different Prices of Land Cruiser

In India it is round about 5188120.61 Indian rupees and in China it is round about 552096.22 Chinese Yuan. In United Arab Emirates it is approximately 294330.624. In USA it is around $84000 USD. In Pakistan it is around PKR8400000.

Toyota Prado GX auto

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a medium size four-wheel drive vehicle in the Toyota Land Cruiser. This is created by the Japanese auto creator, Toyota. Prado is one of the littler vehicles in the range. From 2009, the Prado depends on Toyota’s J150 stage.

Its length is round about 4930mm, width 1885mm and tallness 1845mm. Its kerb weight is 2230kg. Its seating limit is 5. Its fuel tank limit is 87 liter. Its fuel sort is diesel. Its motor code is 1GB-FTV. It has 4 DOHC barrels in line. Its most extreme power is 130KW and greatest torque is 450 Nm. Its fuel utilization is 10km/liter. It has 6 quantities of apparatuses. Its front brake rotor size is 338 x 28. Its tire width is 265mm. It has halogen sort head lights. It has pressure driven power directing. There are 6 quantities of speakers in it. Another most recent model is

Toyota Prado TZ g4.0

Its ground clearance is 220mm and kerb weight is 2060 KG. It has 5 entryways. Its relocation is 3956cc. Its motor power is 276 hp@5200 RPM. Its torque is 360 Nm@4000 RPM. Its efficiency is 8KM/liter. Its tank limit is least 87 liter. It has 5-speed gear box. Its top speed is 180KM/Hour.

Toyota Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner is also called the Toyota SW4. It is an average size SUV produced by Toyota. In early stages, it was assembled in Thailand yet later also in Indonesia and different countries. Fortuner is based on the Toyota Hilux pickup truck stage. It highlights three lines of seats and is accessible in back wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Fortuner is a piece of Toyota’s IMV project in Thailand, which additionally include the Toyota Hilux and the Kijang Innova (in Indonesia). Fortuner has piggybacked achievements. After success it is available in various countries including Pakistan, India, Argentina and Indonesia.

Upcoming Toyota Prado Powertrain Concept

At first the Fortuner was sold in 4 distinct sorts 2 petroleum motors and 2 diesel motors. All variations were offered in RWD (rear wheel drive) or 4WD setup, with 5-speed manual transmission and 4 or 5-speed programmed transmission. Its kerb weight is 2000kg. Its tallness is 1835mm, length 4795mm and width 1855mm. Its base turning is 6.2mm. Its fuel average is 8KM/liter. Its fuel tank limit is 80Liters. It has 6 speed gearboxes. In August 2012, the 2.5L regular rail turbo diesel 2KD-FTV and the 3.0 L normal rail turbo diesel 1KD-FTV motor was refreshed to VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbines) to increase power and torque around 60%, additionally also reducing fuel utilization up to 30%. With this VNT gear, now Fortuner can increase speed 0 to 100 km/h (0–62 mph) in around 11 seconds (under 10 seconds for 3.0 L motor).

Its price is round about 52Lacs Pakistani Rupees.

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